Call for Ideas

Through a new approach deployed by Isfahan Municipality, Department of Transportation and Traffic, is motivated to engage the extensive potential within public to provide genuine ideas to overcome urban transportation challenges. Therefore, students as current intellectuals and future experts to advance the motherland are in the heart of the new approach. In this regard, “The National Knowledge-based Urban Transportation Idea Show” is initiated.

The main topics of this event are:

1. Knowledge-based and smart management of traffic
2. Improve public transportation utility
3. Reduce travel demand and dependency on single occupant cars
4. Develop and commercialize zero-emission modes of transport
5. Reduce vehicular accidents
6. Citizen and private-sector participation in traffic management
7. Mitigate parking problems
8. Suitable urban planning and its effect on urban transportation

9. Law abidance and improving traffic behavior

Idea characteristics:

We are expecting variety of ideas in different categories. Idea may focus on one or multiple topics provided above. The ideas may cover a wide range of applications from a fundamental solution to current problems to small improvements in some non-critical indicators. We also appreciate creative and futuristic ideas visioning the city’s transportation in year 2121.

How to submit the idea:

 Record a three-minute video in which you present a clear summarized expression of key elements of your idea; including problem definition, status-quo, essentials of the solution, feasibility and technological needs (not needed for visionary ideas). The video should not exceed 100 megabytes. You may also upload your video-clip on and send us the link.

Program Layout:
1. Deadline to submit the video-clips: June 30, 2023
2. Initial evaluation
3. Public announcement of qualified ideas for final evaluation
4. Final round of evaluation
5. Declaring winners